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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> stories of survival was the search continues. ramping up efforts today to try
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to account for so many people who remain missing. the death toll today reaches 342 and is expected to rise. chris clackum is in alabama with the latest. >> recovered from the rubble of tuscaloosa, a tattered u.s. flag is raised by and national guardsmen for inspiration which is what the mayor is pleading for. >> of the we have been ravaged beyond comprehension, we still remain the shining city on the hill because the world has seen our faith in god and in each other. >> these churches have intensified because tuscaloosa cannot account for nearly 600 of their residence. >> going through the rubble and looking for those of missing, we have a list of the 570 we have now and are cross referencing and mapping to ensure that we can track down every single one. >> if you know of people who did
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not survive or remain missing. >> we have not heard any names. >> the lack of communication is hurting those in pleasant grove. these two survived with their granddaughter in the basement of their level the house. >> we were all right. just like this. >> summit people out here who were not as lucky as we were. >> in donations are what agencies are hoping for. >> you can not quite grasp the scale of how large this is. it is unimaginable. >> the daunting recovery cleanup is already under way which could take months and will be remembered forever. thousands of those who have lost their homes are staying with family, friends, or in shelters hoping that better options are on the way. in pleasant grove, alabama, chris clackum, nbc news. >> those of powerful twister is
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sure the heartbreaking destruction and pieces of the debris found more than 160 miles away sure just how far the winds carried people's belongings. one envelope addressed to georgia was found in tennessee. a few miles away, a chart for 1985. the original owners could not be reached. and how you can help the survivors of the deadly tornadoes in the south and see pictures of the devastation on the and women slide show explaining just how traders are formed. flooding in arkansas has shut down this town. the black river swelled after the strong storms, the area with the rain. it has wanted neighborhoods and businesses. the black river is starting to receive it, but heavier rain is expected to hit the region tomorrow. his >> we need a little bit of our own flooding problem here in
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the greater baltimore area for harford county and cecil county. first, here is the hd doppler. no visitation in the area whatsoever which is a welcome relief considering last week, but unfortunately has manager tomorrow afternoon, i think a lot of that will change. monday, tuesday, wednesday did not good for rain. there's still a winning for the susquehanna. do not attempt to drive tour flooded areas because the water may be deeper than you think. we have some updated information that should actually be 24.7 feet. the flood stage is 23.5 and 21 of 25 gates will be open on the conowingo dam. take care in these areas. i will have the insta-weather + forecast in a few. >> baltimore city firefighters spent part of the day informing people in the west baltimore
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about fire safety. 57-year-old jerell was killed when flames engulfed a home on must lexington's trade. two other people were rescued from that fire. >> today we are out in the neighborhood going door to door and the firefighters are meeting with the residence to know that there has been an unfortunate loss of life due to a fire. we are speaking with them in providing basic fire safety tips on how they can keep this from happening in their homes. the chiefs as many fires in a baltimore city result of people leaving stoves and attended interlarding circuits. the fire department will install smoke alarms and carbon detectors for homes that do not have them. police in anne arundel county are investigating a deadly crash involving a scooter. this 93-year-old man was killed after a pickup truck hit him friday afternoon. this happened on hammond elena.
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it is unclear who resigned fault. so far, no charges have been filed. neighbors have spoken out involving an 8-bedroom home. they want to use the home as a transitional facility for people recovering from mental illness. the neighborhoods around the home are not fond of the idea and say they do not want them taking a more space in their backyard. >> this is not an issue about mental illness, but this is the commercial use in residential neighborhoods. >> uber palms for the disabled are allowed in residential areas and there would be no legal hurdles. the festival at western high school stadium officials are investigating why some coeducation materials were not submitted to the problem schools. they informed students of the oversight on friday and said it is unclear how my students were affected by the mistake and they will contact the colleges that did not get the student application materials.
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another big-name endorsements force -- mayor stephanie rawlings blake. mikulski is putting her name behind her. she received an endorsement from elijah cummings on thursday. the road to sainthood is moving forward. preparations are in direct report -- are underway for pop jo -- pope john paul ii. honoring ken harris.
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>> rebels rejected the offer before a ceasefire. they say this lacks any credibility. the rejected got the's opera negotiation for action, not words. catholics are heading to run for the beatification of pope john paul ii. he will be honored in st. peter's square. beatification is the last step before possible sainthood. they hope this will leave followed by a speedy canonization. a screen will beat the set up in rome. you can watch on starting at [inaudible] -- at 4:00 a.m.
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you can learn all about scene had on our website. rayless is putting his support behind a young boy whose mother killed herself and the other children. but he was in his mother's van when she drove into the hudson river and was the only one who managed to get out of the vehicle. armstrong is an attending the united athletes fundraiser in new york city will he receive some of the proceeds. ray lewis says they need support and a mentor. >> that is something religious can do very well, offer that support. both of the ravens draft picks are broken named james smith. they visited today and we will check in on that coming up later in sports. >> is looking good outside right now, with things are going to change. take a look outside, we are in the upper 60's right now, very
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dry. a 36% humidity. a good hair night.
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>> newlyweds, william and katherine, are now the duke and duchess of cambridge. there are no official wedding photos that were taken immediately following the ceremony. they were married at westminster abbey on friday and attended the party hosted large charles following the ceremony. they were seen walking around palace garden this morning. and dedication today for the late ken harris. the baseball field has been dedicated in his name. the former city councilman was a coach and supporter of the league. they joined city council president jack young for today's dedication. >> he wanted to see baseball grow and established, so it is good to see that he can be a part of the family as they
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continue to grow. it is great that people continue to honor his work and what he has done for the city of baltimore. >> the league will play on kenneth harris field through july. >> your live in insta-weather + forecast. -- your 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> i thought this morning was going to be meh, but it turned out nice, just like we thought. temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. bwi is 66. 65 degrees on the boardwalk. so we are averaging pretty good right now. we will drop a little bit, so you will need a sweater if you had out on the town. partly cloudy tonight, cool, wind out of the north that 5-10 miles per hour. , right now. 43-48, so he will need a jacket to keyboard.
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the current weather right now has some high cloud coverage, slower moving into the area, but to the east, clear skies all the way down to the eastern shore. we're under the influence of this particular high pressure right here and people are wondering why it is getting so cool. the high pressure is a clockwise flow, is grabbing the cool air from way up north and it makes it the cool, crisp kind of air. it is being brought in from canada. the debentures will drop a little bit. once that moves out, the warm front will come in and we will have an influence of that and temperatures will go up. this is what we are watching here to give us some grief into next week. always great clear whether that we have seen today and will have derivative tomorrow will go away. we could have a chance for three solid days of rain which is really unfortunate. on sunday, the first will be pushed out.
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behind the warm front will be some rain that will move into the area around three or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. once the cold front goes through, that will bring even more rain with it, than behind it it'll be clear. clouds will start moving in around 3:00 in here are the bands moving into western maryland. we could get some spotty showers. more rain on monday and tuesday. keep an eye on that. there's a line of storms. that is the cold front moving through the area. cecil and harford county boat -- below the susquehanna dam will have about 20 gates open. be aware perform low-level flooding and what not. for tomorrow, in the morning and in the afternoon, mostly cloudy. there is a good 40% chance of rain depending on where you are
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in the afternoon. when debt of the east at 5-10 miles per hour and temperatures will still be relatively mild, 65-69 degrees. and during the day where you can and a barbecue is the thing -- looking iffy. 40% chance of rain monday. tuesday will be the best chance. cooling down on wednesday. 59 degrees. high pressure on the back of that front and back up t 70 by friday. >> 11 sports to pete gilbert. >> the to do's and 11 draft is complete. five kicks made today, but the two players that make the greatest impact today made their way in this morning. first-round pick jimmy and tori. they had higher grades.
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tori went 58th in the second round. jimmy had some off field problems. many thought he was a top 15, but the ravens investigated. >> i don't have character issues. i made bad choices when i was young, but i don't want them to think i will come in and make this organization look bad. they are putting their necks on the line for me. >> baltimore would be a perfect fit for me. there are a lot of terps on the team. i will get to talk to them all the time. i'm just happy to be here.
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>> 4th round, another receiver from indiana. two picks in the fifth round, a cornerback from taxes, brown, and a defensive end from mississippi state. in the sixth round, the ravens may have a backup for flacco. five kicks for the hopis last season, but his athleticism is off the charts. 6 foot 1 inch, to murder and 40 pounds. running back from georgia tech. much more on the draft coming up and a full hour with gerry sandusky. "draft day 2011" with your ravens broadcast team. blinged the white sox tonight. he serves the second game of his suspension for improperly treating. advantages for the sox tonight.
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they will not have the continuing destruction. a big night friday. a two-run homer and a two-run double he is on pace for 24 home runs and 96 rbis. he will become of the best defensive catchers in the game. tillman looks for his first win of the game. -- the season. it makes sense. for the sox, first pitch at 7:10. the season finale for loyola men's lacrosse with hopkins. if beaten them three times out of 48 tries ever. the game was tied three at the half. the blue jays are running away. hopkins leads 8-4, with two minutes left in the fourth, loyola is making a rally. finding sawyer, 8-7 hopkins.
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>> today was lovely and hopefully that will last. >> did you have a fun? >> a yard sale and a kid's birthday party. >> jayne miller and i are planning tomorrow. >> and go away. >> take a look. tomorrow and will be pretty good tear about 4:00 then some rainshowers might move in. monday, tuesday, wednesday pretty chances for rain. clearing up by thursday that we will not get above 68 degrees. >> not loving that. >> but this will be the last straw. you look complain when we have 95. >> that is true. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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